What is Yoga?What is Yoga?Yoga is a physical practice that has existed for over 5000 years and is touted as one of the most comprehensive exercise programs for achieving optimal mind and body health.“Yoga”, which is translated into “union”, is an ancient system of mind/body healing and exercise. It involves the practice of positions called “asanas” that tone, strengthen and bring flexibility to the entire body and calms the mind. Breathing practices, relaxation and stillness are also part of the practice of Yoga.Benefits of Yoga/Corporate Benefits:•        •  Enhances work perfomance•        •  Increase morale & efficiency•        •  Reduces stress & anxiety•        •  Improves memory , focus & concentration•        •  Tones & strengthens muscles•        •  Improves posture & flexibility•        •  Less sick time & absences•   And even improve your golf or tennis game