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Power Yoga in Gurgaon

Foreigners consider India to be “a place to pause, reconnect and be yourself…”. We arrange Yoga Meditation tour and Yoga Sessions for tourists, who come to our country with the purpose of rejuvenating their spirits and awake their mind & body on our sacred land through this gentle practice. We arrange sessions for meditating yoga asanas for health care and healing from diseases in India. We also have special packages for tourists seeking yoga meditation in India.

Yoga is an Indian science that has been perfected over the ages by the great practitioners of the ancient yore. We have incorporated the teachings of Mahrishi Patanjali, rightly called the “Father of Yoga” compiled and refined various aspects of Yoga systematically in his “Yoga Sutras”. He advocated the eight fold path of Yoga, popularly known as “Ashtanga Yoga”, to provide you the means to reach complete self-realization. We offer the entire spectrum of yogic exercises to seek the complete truth. The ‘asanas’ are your window of opportunity to satiate your inner quest.
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What is Power Yoga ?